What’s up?

Based on investigation of Artem Bobrov (in Russian), October 2018:

  • overall volume of investments was declared at the website 1 000 000 time bigger that daily one (~2500 years). After the investigation overall volume was made 15 times lower. As of December 2018, overall volume was deleted,
  • “club” instead of a “team”,
  • an offer to invest into their own token klooway.bet with no tokenomics (along with tokens of partnering projects)
  • a referral network,
  • denial of responsibility: all contracts can be amended without investors’ consent,
  • investors are prohibited to buy directly buy tokens of projects that Klooway deal with. Otherwise investors will have to pay a 10% fine,
  • contradictions among different clauses in a single agreement,
  • a possibility of “cryptocurrency cancellation”,

Key personalities

  • Co-owner — Sergey Shkodin,
  • CEO (General manager) — Stanislav Grigoryev,
  • Director of the office (deleted from the website) — Sarkis Hayrapetyan,
  • Editor (?!), deleted from the website — Andrew Burkin,
  • Head of Sales Department — Daniel Giloyan,
  • Expert of digital assets — Egor Khromov,

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