Is Bitcoin price fall over? Seeking for answer in cryptoasset ratio analysis

How NVT and NVM ratios predicted Bitcoin price correction in May, and what they say about the near future

Dmitry Kalichkin
Jun 17, 2018 · 4 min read


Both NVT and NVM ratios have been in the red zone prior to correction, indicating Bitcoin price not being fully supported by fundamentals and the market being overheated. Moreover, both ratios are still in the red zone as of mid-June, which leads us to a conclusion that further correction might happen in the near future.

NVT predicting correction

First of all, let us remind everyone how NVT is defined:

NVM predicting correction

Let’s start from a quick refresher on NVM. This multiple quantifies relationship between current market Network Value and Network Value as a function of Daily Active Addresses based on Metcalfe’s and Odlyzko laws:

Zooming out: when moon?

We think that NVM describes a longer term “macro-level” network valuation. 2017 bull run still has an impact on Network Value, as suggested by NVM staying in the red zone almost all the time since November, 17. It went out of the red for a couple of weeks in the early February, but returned back again shortly. Based on this, we are far from trend reversal for the Bitcoin. NVT tells similar story on a shorter time frame.

90 day cryptoasset correlation matrix. Coefficients over 0.5 suggest strong correlation.


Special thanks goes to Cryptolab Capital analyst Roman Skoromniy who did all the number crunching for this note.


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