Andrea Leiter Joins Crypto Law Review — Welcome!

On September 28, 2018, CleanApp Foundation announced the launch of Crypto Law Review. In only five months, we have grown to nearly 400 subscribers and hundreds of unique daily visitors.

CLR’s growth is 100% organic. Our articles resonate with crypto and broader global governance communities because they focus on the hardest and most consequential questions in the space. And we’re only getting started.

Today, we are excited to announce the addition of Andrea Leiter to our editorial team as co-editor of the Crypto Law Review!

A law graduate of the University of Vienna, and a doctoral fellow of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Leiter has years of rigorous research and publication experience.

Leiter’s crypto law analysis focuses on the most important theoretical and practical questions of the day:

  • the nature, function, and limits of crypto legal forms (e.g., “smart contract,” property, “self-enforcement,” etc.);
  • the essence of crypto legal jurisdiction vis-a-vis existing jurisdictional frameworks;
  • crypto law in broader socio-legal historical and critical contexts.

As important, Leiter is an institution-builder who understands the centrality of collaboration and plural global perspectives. In a field as inherently contested and politicized as “crypto law,” voices and networks like Leiter’s offer much-needed grounding effects.

The global crypto law and governance community has already benefited from Leiter’s analytical work. Please join us in welcoming Andrea to this critical scaling and editorial role.

[As we keep pushing the limits of our legal imaginaries — on-chain, off-chain, and against the chain — your vision and input are key.]