Interacting with a smart contract banner on the Ethereum blockchain

Jesse Adams, Ph.D.
Nov 24, 2017 · 2 min read

The COR matrix has been recorded on the bitcoin blockchain and now we have a banner message live as our first “hello world” smart contract on the ethereum blockchain. To interact with this smart contract go here:

MyEtherWallet Smart Contract Interaction Page

Paste in this Ethereum blockchain smart-contract address:


Then paste in the ABI (Application Binary Interface, is basically how you interact with the bytecode at the address above and get data back):


Smart contract and ABI entered.

Then press the “Access” button. Now you are ready to interact with the smart contract:

Read/Write interaction pull-down.

Finally, select “display” from the read/write contract pull-down and read the output. You’ve just interacted with a live smart contract !

Output of the smart contract on display.


Must-Read Articles For Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Enthusiasts

Jesse Adams, Ph.D.

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Must-Read Articles For Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Enthusiasts

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