Is This Round Of Zilliqa Grant Recipients The Ones To Push The Project Forward

Andy Little
Apr 28 · 1 min read

The Zilliqa team has been offering grants on its platform for projects to build on top of their state of the art sharding network. We found out what project received the grants in the latest round but are they the projects that take Zilliqa into the mainstream.


Moonlet is a digital wallet provider for the new Zilliqa main net tokens and Ethereum, the project offers clean easy to use digital wallet that allows users to use a single set of mnemonic seed words.

But some of the most amazing things about this project is you can start sending and receiving payments with a .zil domain names directly from the wallet with the project also offering full integration with Ledger Nano S hardware devices.

Unstoppable Domains:

Unstoppable Domains is building domains on blockchains. The project has received backing from both the Zilliqa and the Ethereum Foundation to offer both .zil and .eth domains.

But these domains have one amazing feature, the owners of the domains will be able to send and receive payments to both .zil and .eth domains.

ZHIP iOS wallet:

Zhip iOS wallet is an exciting new wallet allowing you to make micro-payments via ZILs intuitive wallet application.

The Zhip wallet is the worlds first mobile Zilliqa wallet. It is completely open source, thus the code and design are publicly available on Github. Join the community.


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