By Charles Adjovu, Director & Researcher at Ledgerback Cooperative

My Data! My Rules!

The Rise Of A New Data Governance Landscape In The Midst Of Heightened Data Privacy Concerns

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When I share my data with companies, do I still have a say over how my data is stored, shared, and used? What about when these companies make a profit by sharing my data?

1. The Data Privacy Status Quo

1.A. Consumer’s view data privacy as fundamental in theory, but are willing to give up their data privacy in practice

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1.B. Most consumers are unaware of how businesses benefit from their data-generating activities

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1.C. Data Breaches are becoming more frequent as companies store and share more consumer data

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1.D. Data breaches are becoming more frequent and severe because businesses are storing large amounts of consumer data

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2. A Change in the Data Governance Landscape

2.A. The Rise of New Data Governance Frameworks

2.B. What is a Data Cooperative?

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2.C. Two innovative Data Cooperatives pushing consumer ownership of data are Savvy Coop and Driver’s Seat Cooperative

2.C.1. Savvy Coop: A Patient-owned Data Cooperative

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2.C.2. Driver’s Seat LLC: A Driver-owned Data Cooperative

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2.D. Distributed Data Storage and Personal Data Stores

2.E. AXEL Network and SoLiD are giving consumers new-found control over how they share their personal data with third parties

2.E.1. AXEL Network

Photo by imgix on Unsplash

2.E.2. SoLiD

Photo by Michael Jasmund on Unsplash


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Must-Read Articles For Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Enthusiasts

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