Project Proton To Conquer Digital Advertisement On The Zilliqa Blockchain

Andy Little
Apr 7 · 3 min read

Project Proton will help bring blockchain to the advertising powerhouses of the world, There is over $100 Billion spend a year on digital advertisement alone with much of it being lost to view bots and scams.

This is where Project Proton will come in, they Aim to streamline and legitimize the digital advertising sector with the main goal being to allow all stakeholders to interact in a secure and verifiable way through smart contracts using the high throughput of the Zilliqa blockchain.

This makes it suitable for the enterprise level implementation of the project for all the partners involved in a transparent manner so that all the actors in the ecosystem can completely trust each other allowing the entire programmatic ad space to grow.

The diagram below has been shared by the Project Proton team on twitter showing you how the information and money will be moved around.

The Key members of the Project Proton Alliance Are:

  • Mindshare:​ Mindshare is a global media planning and buying agency that is part of WPP. It has 8,500 employees across 116 offices in 86 countries and global revenues of USD34.5bn annually. Clients include Unilever, PepsiCo, GSK, Yum Restaurants, Dyson, American Express amongst others.
  • Zilliqa: ​Zilliqa is a blockchain platform tailored towards enabling high-throughput data-driven decentralized applications. Zilliqa also provides a secure and efficient smart contract layer to enable secure-by-design smart contract programming and verification.
  • MediaMath​:​ MediaMath helps leading global marketers deliver personalized digital advertising across all connected touchpoints. Over 9,500 marketers in 42 countries use MediaMath’s enterprise software every day to launch, analyze, and optimize their digital advertising campaigns.
  • Rubicon Project: ​Founded in 2007, Rubicon Project is one of the world’s largest advertising exchanges. The company helps websites and apps thrive by giving them tools and expertise to sell ads easily and safely. In addition, the world’s leading agencies and brands rely on Rubicon Project’s technology to execute billions of advertising transactions each month. Rubicon Project​ ​is an independent, publicly traded company (NYSE:RUBI) headquartered in Los Angeles, California
  • Integral Ad Science (IAS)​:​ A global software company, headquartered in New York, that builds verification, optimization, and analytics solutions, acting as leaders in viewability, brand safety, and ad fraud.
  • Underscore CLT:​ ​ Underscore CLT develops cryptographic ledger technologies to power real business solutions for marketers and their partners.

As you can see the companies behind Project Proton are huge in the advertisement sectors and know the markets inside and out give confidence the project will develop and thrive.

But it isn’t just the advertisement companies that will benefit, Zilliqa will be at the forefront of this exciting project offering the secure and high throughput ecosystem that will be needed to handle thousands of digital advertisement smart contracts per second and millions of transactions per day.

Transactions and smart contracts will be exchanged and operated in the native Zil token on the blockchain with Zil effectively being used like gas on the Ethereum blockchain.

We should be able to agree on one thing about Project Proton has the knowledge and the ambition to be one of the biggest projects on the blockchain and with huge success comes huge rewards.

I know I will be buying more Zilliqa for the release of this amazing project.


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Must-Read Articles For Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Enthusiasts