The 18th Of June Isn’t Just Another Boring Tuesday

Andy Little
Jun 16 · 3 min read

Tuesday the 18th June will just be another boring Tuesday for many around the world, but if you’re ahead of the masses and lost in crypto euphoria it should be marked down as one of the biggest… But what could it be?

Yes, you guessed it… The second annual Zilliqa conference!

The conference is being held in Singapore the home of the project, with there being lots to talk about with Zilliqa having flourished over 2019 with the release of the main-net in early February, and the revolutionary smart contract Scilla being unleashed to the public in early June.

The event is lasting over two hours with multiple announcements expected, this has sent the community into a frenzy trying to work out what news we could receive in the hopes of breaking the previous all-time high of $0.20.

One of the standouts and never going away rumours is the link to Facebook; the bases of these rumours are set on the Facebook team releasing their white paper on the 18th June as well as old advisors tying the Zilliqa team to Facebook.

The team has come out on more than one occasion about the rumours, point blank denying them and insisting there is no tie to the Facebook Libra project. But this fall on death ears with the conspiracy theorist of the community saying there must be an NDA.

Let’s hope we find out once and for all at the conference if the rumours are true or made up in the hopes for a quick pump by the community.

But enough of speculations, the team has kindly supplied us with an Agenda of the event with lots to be looking forward to especially the grant program and partnership presentations!


1800–1830: Registration and refreshments

1830–2030: Event

· Keynote

· Our strategy, vision, and milestones.

· Grant Programme & Education Efforts

· Partner Presentations

· Panel Session.

· Declaration of Zilliqa Day contest winners and Thank you note.

Two of the main events really do catch my eye, the grant program, and the partnership presentations. Learning about exciting new projects who have been awarded grants in the hopes of advancing and developing the Zilliqa blockchain is amazing, and really fills the community with hype for the project moving forward.

But who can forget about the current partnerships?

Project Proton has been a bit of an elusive figure in the Zilliqa community with news coming now and again but no solid statements or intent coming from the project. Project Proton did run a successful advertising campaign for Pepsi in Southern Asia with the results coming back at 28% more efficient than standard marketing.

The multi-chain project BOLT has had an amazing couple of weeks since the release of their BOLT+ App and the highlights from The Cricket World Cup. They have nearly reached their ICO price and there appears to be no stopping in the price movements.

The event is going to be stellar and it is going to streamed live, so don't worry if you can’t make it to Singapore on such short notice.

Depending on time zone there are only 24 hours left till we can finally squash and confirm rumours emerging in the community and I cant wait!!!

Till next time, have an amazing Zilliqa day!!


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Andy Little

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Freelance crypto writer and promotor. Always looking for new opportunities and projects to work with.


Must-Read Articles For Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Enthusiasts

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