V-ID The Future of Digital Fraud Prevention on The Blockchain

Andy Little
Apr 27 · 2 min read

V-ID is an exciting blockchain verification services that aim’s to end document fraud around the globe.

One of The most exciting things about the V-ID project is that they already have a working product with many partnerships and transactions on their system making a direct use case for the token as you will need to use VIDT tokens to validate transactions.

This makes the project stand out from the overcrowded space in the blockchain world as a lot of companies are still working towards releasing their platforms and have no use cases with V-ID being ahead of the pack.

But how does it work?

The V-ID project uses state of the art application validation interface to integrate blockchain validation services onto any existing platform, platforming meaning any project or company can integrate their technology.

Who will be using the platform?

The platform already has a lot of exciting partnerships naming just Airbus Space and Defence as one, The use cases for the project is extraordinary as it could be used for verifying of medical records, Research, and even banking documents.

The Rembrandt project

V-ID has played a huge part in helping preserve the Rembrandt painting dynasty by storing and verifying one of the finest Rembrandt painting called “The Virgin And Child In The Cloud”.

They managed to achieve this by storing full digital photographs, certificate, and even a video explaining the piece and materials from an art expert onto their state of the article platform.

The information is now saved on thousands of nodes across the blockchain network so now anyone can access and the file and verify the painting on the network.

The Future of V-ID

The future of V-ID is looking bright with online document fraud costing over $3.5 Billion dollars a year alone in the United States of America now imagine the cost of document fraud globally.

The V-ID system can be applied to any existing platform making the transition to the state of the art technology fast and seamless adding to the appeal of the project.

In my opinion, the project already stands out from the others in the space with already having a working product and partnerships, The future looks very bright for V-ID and I am hoping to have a share of it moving forward.

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