Who doesn’t want to win $1,000,000 worth of Bitcoin?

Who doesn’t like free money never mind a free $1,000,000 worth of Bitcoin that could literally double or treble in the bull market?

The latest clue was released at the Magical Crypto Conference in New York, a series of cryptic images and other hints hidden on business cards distributed at the event.

But now over 60,000 people have now signed up for notifications related to the international scavenger hunt looking for the $1 million worth of Bitcoin prize.

There is a huge community online that are actively collecting the 400 key fragments required to move the prize from the game’s Bitcoin wallet. Members of the community have posted on Twitter and Github sharing the knowledge on how they did it to benefit the community.

But who would have thought that cryptographic clues would bring together crypto communities to find the grand prize?

If you are hoping to join the game and try and get this amazing price downloading the free tool “Ordo” is the way to go they credit contributions and will be handy for helping the winning teams share the Bitcoin loot.

But don’t hold your hopes too high as there are several dedicated teams worldwide with hundreds of members looking to crack the code.