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7 Things That I Love Of The Crypto Community

Ohh the crypto community, house of cypherpunks, ron paul loyalists, mises institute binge watchers, life long nerds, and Craig Wright, many things of this human landscape are really appealing to my soul, and you are about to read of those.

Caution, I am not saying that all the individual souls that are into crypto posses this qualities, and in fact, many scoundrels and low lifes live within the mental borders of cryptoland, but at least I can also see the pattern of these good traits fairly often, often enough to write this article.

1. Truth Seekers

Whether it be the shady history of the federal reserve (spoilers, is a ponzi scheme) the nature of human motivation, incentives, tokenomics, the power of cryptography to force social positive change (cypherpunks vs illumminatti) and the horrible abomination of starving nations just because you don’t like them, in crypto (in my experience) is usual to find people interested and invested in the truth on certain topics.

This is not to say that crypto people know everything or are not deceived by anything, far from it, this is more a praise of their inclination towards the truth, something that is notable in the crypto community, as opposed to other communities.

2. Bold

While Alex Jones and his cronies are endlessly complaining about how bad the censorship is getting, just shouting to the void and asking for donations from people who already agree with them so that “somehow” things change, crypto people is hard at work creating a working infraestructure that is ready to fight against our californian overlords in silicon valley.

So far the crypto community has built:

We still need decentralized instagram, and others, but I am confident that this community will create and nurture great competitors against the silicon valley control-freakness.

Similar check-mate moves are been done as we speak with billion dollar companies that are slowly but surely realizing that crypto is not going away anytime soon and is better to partner with it.

3. Confident

We know humans like the ability to obtain and transact value, we know that humans have a bias towards independence, and we know that if you incentivize some behaviors with currency, you will get some predictable actions, and therefore, the viralization of crypto is a matter of when, and not a matter of IF, unless something catastrophically happens.

Having a good strategy, with a strong and dedicated team and a pool of over achievers that have powerful tools at their disposal tends to foster confidence, which a sizable portion of crypto citizens have.

4. Brilliant

Obviously not everyone, but many within cryptoland are brilliant, this tends to be apparent when you have read enough crypto twitter, when you are knowledgable of at least several crypto projects, and are in tune with crypto gossip.

Brilliantness will pop up in your radar at some point if you stay here and explore, which is refreshing and not that common.

5. Emotionally Resilient

Your family dismissed you for years, television was trying to scare you out of it, almost all of society was either mocking your efforts, or actively trying to destroy your sand castle, and what did you did crypto-community? you pushed through the dip, bought more crypto, built more dapps, make memes about it and became a 500 billion dollar asset class (bigger than some countries).

Now that is what I call an emotionally strong community.

6. Practical

Crypto people is not just about pie in the sky dreams, is not about insufferable what-about-isms, we build stuff that ACTUALLY works (sometimes) and that can pass the granma test.

A toy has to work to bring joy when playing with it, and the same goes for DEFI protocols that do not exit-scam. :)

7. Altruistic

I have received more money for free from crypto (with no strings attached, not even an email adress or a tweet follow) than from any entity that I have interacted with in my life (not counting my own family) and this list includes my own goverment.

That’s saying something isn’t it?

Do you have other favorite traits that are present in a sizable portion of cryptoland? let me know in the comments down below.

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