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Cryptolohy 101

Were To List/Distribute Your Crypto Coins If Coinbase Doesn’t Respond To Your DM’s :U

So, you have a great idea for a cryptocurrency. You happened to be tech-savvy, know how to built code, and have a ton of free time for one reason or another. Several months pass by and you have built a cryptocurrency.

The testnet had been successful, and mainnet is operational.

You have several dozen fans already and a team of 5.

Your coin is being mined as we speak but you don’t know what to do next. You have sent a few dm’s to Coinbase and Brian Amstrong with zero response.

You are tech-savvy, but business development, token distribution and public relationships are topics that elude you.

So, let’s go over the possibilities.

This is how to share your coin with the world even if a centralized exchange is too busy printing money.


This is just a crypto article online. This is not investment, legal or anything advice. For entertainment purposes only.

Faucet Apps/Games

This could be as simple as a tetris with cryptocurrency as a reward. The more simple the game, the better. It should have (in my opinion) only two things, a way to easily play and a way to share the game. That’s it.

Also, the rewards must be significative, no one is impressed by a reward of 2 coins every 5 minutes. You should blown away your user’s minds. If you can give away 2000 coins per session (without bankrupting your crypto project) go ahead. You might have a chance to go viral.

This stage is only for the initial possible supporters. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you can make it multiplatform, even better

Local Pair Website

Alright. So you have your faucet games/apps running. Let’s say that you are getting 300 new wallets per week. Not bad.

However, you want to compete, you were born to compete, you want to be on the top ten (eventually) in coinmarketcap. You know you have what it takes. This is your bread and butter.

Therefore, you need a value for your coin. And since this is crypto, this requires a pair. USD/your-coin.exe or BTC/your-coin.exe

So, here is a bold suggestion that I have not seen anybody do, except for the bitcoin and ethereum community.

Create a website like localcryptos or localbitcoins. Were people agree to exchange your coin for another pair, like USD, EUR, BTC, etc,…

You can even (possibly) organize meetups to exchange the coin, where you purchase some coins from some people, thus, incentivizing your community.

It can (possibly) even be made via skype or similar video platforms, were people in different parts of the world exchange currency while watching each other faces.

Now. This is just an idea, consult your lawyer and check how much this would cost. If anything. You don’t want to be framed as the next silk road.

This could give a community-consensus on the price of your coin. Progress.

Built A Store That Only Accepts Your Coin

Again. Consult your lawyers, etc, etc

So, you now have a sort of pair on your coin. Maybe like 0.0005 USD per each of your coins.

Now, open a store with real stuff (physical or software-based) and only accept your cryptocurrency.

If you have a great store, with at least some exclusive products. Now you have people who will purchase your coin “out of necessity” Noice.

Elon Musk, watch out.

Decentralized Exchanges

The next step in the ladder is getting listed on a decentralized exchange. It is usually easier since it is more similar to localbitcoins (in a way) than to Coinbase. In some decentralized exchanges people can even put their own price on a coin. So, overall, like a free marketplace.

You have some options that are already notorious and have some track record. You can check Forkdelta ( Info here) or StellarX. There are many other options, which are only one duckduckgo away.

Community Listings

Sometimes a centralized exchange creates a public voting campaign in order to know what crypto assets to list next on their exchange. This could be an easy way to get your crypto into a global audience. But be careful, you don’t want to get into an exchange with a bad reputation (or worst, a scammy exchange) because some people might relate your coin with that exchange and thus affect your brand. This is particularly important to remember taking into account that some exchanges might not allow customers to withdraw at all unless they jump through several bureaucratic hoops, and thus, in effect, that listing would be kind of useless for your project.

Centralized Exchanges

If you were able to distribute your coin as described so far, by now your coin should be somewhat known within the crypto community. Which would make it easier to get a listing on a big centralized exchange.

Who knows, you might even get this text back after 3 years.



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