Crypto Airdrops Friday June 1

New batch of airdrops, very interesting for newbie traders today.


Cap: the first 25,000 users registered

Covesting is a new trading platform that lets you algorithmically copytrade — copy the trades of a more experienced trader. While they do not have a traditional airdrop, they do give you 300 USD worth of fees to get you start trading. Just sign up and wait for an email that will explain it.

Also check out their crypto intelligence section, it aggregates trading ideas and news from all over the internet — very impressive.

Click to join 🙌


Until November 2018

GnixCoin is a new anonymous and untraceable crypto based on Crypto Note that is having a sale all the way until November. They don’t have a traditionally looking airdrop but everyone who signs up on their website receives 1 token (0.5$ worth) for free without any social media shilling. However, they are their own blockchain and exchange listings are not planned before January 2019.

Read the whitepaper or just join it takes two seconds 😉

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