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Bounties & Contests — May 8 contest, BitStore contest, WhisperMSG bounty, UnitedCrowd bounty ✌️

Daily feed:

Bitstore Giveaway — 3k USD worth of tokens up for grabs in exchange for activity on Telegram: full info 3k USD Giveaway — The (KYC & regulated) exchange CEX is running a Gleam giveaway with prizes between 100–500 USD. More activities done increases your chance. full info

WhisperMSG Escrowed Bounty — 50k USD pool in $VOLR with escrow. Shilling on YouTube/Twitter or copywriting. full info

UnitedCrowd (BSC) Bounty — 50k USD pool of tokens mostly for Bitcointalk. full info

This week’s promos:

  • Binance 10 USD cashback voucherfull info
  • SimpleSwap Transaction Bonus — code SsITvSMQ0Cru0ERU full info
  • BitKan $100 Sign up Bonusfull info

In the blog:



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ATNET Airdrops & Trading Tools

ATNET Airdrops & Trading Tools

ATNET, aka — Airdrops alerts also on Twitter @airdrop_lounge, Telegram @airdropXlounge