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Bounties & Drops Apr 4

New stuff in gaming ✌️

First of the airdrop & bounty list ▶️

Cactus exchange airdrop

airdrop Pays up tp to 48 CACTT (~$50) for following a bunch of things or 1,200 CACTT (~$1,250) for the top 100 referrers. cactus exchange is a new DEX and security audit is ongoing but not yet finished, so don’t use your main wallet.



Empireland airdrop (750k USD pool)

airdrop Empireland is a new NFT game built on Fantom Chain. 30,000,000 EPL tokens (equivalent of $750,000) is allocated for the airdrop event. You need to conteibute to community on social or in game, or you need to hold their NFTs to be eligible.

until 31 May


ASTAKE 1 week of shilling

airdrop There;s 25k tokens up for grabs for light shilling on social during 1 week period. It’s a staking BEP20 token.

6–12 Apr


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In the blog:

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ATNET / Airdrops / Trading / Tools

ATNET, aka — Telegram bounty feed @airdrops_atnet_channel

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