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Bounties & Drops Apr 7

2 airdrops 2 bounties ✌️

From the airdrop & bounty list ▶️

airdrop NodeBunch Airdrop — live
Nodebunch got listed on Coingecko and to celebrate they are giving away tokens. Follow them and comment your address in the linked post.


airdrop PyramidPad Airdrop — until 23 May
Telegram bot that promises to airdrop tokens of a new game.


bounty JungleKingdom Bounty — until 26 Apr
Jungle Kingdom Bounty runs a campaign with budget pool of 1M tokens ~ $100k. Twitter, Telegram, Video, Article; requires a post to authenticate via bitcointalk.


bounty ElixPad Escrowed Bounty — until 14 Apr
Classic marketing bounty with 3 MM of BEP20 tokens in the pool. Youtube, Medium, Telegram, Twitter.


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