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Bounties & Drops Mar 14

A bunch of drops, good bounties on the website ✌️

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First 3 bounties of the airdrop & bounty list ▶️

EDENSOL (SOL) giveaway — until 14 Apr
5000 USD worth of tokens will go between 165 winners of the giveaway. You need to follow a couple of things. More tasks done, better chance to place.


METAXENO NFT Airdrop and Bounty — until 5 Apr
In the first round there is an airdrop of 500,000 MXT tokens for the filled out Gleam form. Afterwards an NFT bounty with discord tasks.


Supernova (BSC) Airdrop — until 14 Apr
10k in-game tokens for 2000 participants. You just need to follow a bunch of stuff.


Go to the blog for the bounty list!

Latest in the blog:

Crypto OTC: Platforms, fees, minimum settlements and general pros and cons 03/13/22 · Minimum settlements are not as high as they used to, people!



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