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Bounties & Drops Mar 22

Monday’s feed on Tuesday lol ✌️

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First 3 bounties of the airdrop & bounty list ▶️

RiFi Airdrop — until 23 Mar
Prize Pool of 1MM $RU, an NFT platform token, in this pre-release promo event. You need Telegram and Discord.


CoinEx NFT Airdrop — until 26 Mar
CSC will give away prizes to 200 drawn participants. Pool this week is 20k $CET tokens, 200 Omega Club NFTs ($20 each), and 15 Mini Utopia NFTs. Entry via Gleam form.


Phemex $APE Airdrop — until 27 Mar
Phemex users who trade at least 10 USD worth on a couple of newly launched markets qualify to get an $APE airdrop. Link goes to rules page which has a link to Google form you must submit.


Latest in the blog:

Shadow System — Simplified Grid Trading: Does it work in crypto?

The Shadow system takes advantage of the small shadow that exists between the open price and the high or low of the day, and scalps a fixed amount of that movement every day — 03/16/22



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