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Crypto Airdrops Aug 14

One new token drop and one new opportunity✌️ token DAILY prize pool on Bitfinex

Between 12–17 August 2020

To promote the new launch of token (FET), Bitfinex opens a daily prize pool of 50 000 FET to traders who deposit FET tokens into their wallets. FET tokens get rewarded to users on the first-come first-served basis.

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Opportunity: Negative Fees on Vaultoro

Since 22nd of July 2020

The gold trading platform Vaultoro is now offering negative fees for market makers. The rebate is 0.05% at any traded volume, however it only applies to crypto markets there — not to gold markets. At least the gold fees got cut back to pre-COVID levels on Vaultoro.

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ATNET / Airdrops / Trading / Tools

ATNET / Airdrops / Trading / Tools

ATNET, aka — Telegram bounty feed @airdrops_atnet_channel

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