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Crypto Airdrops Tue Feb 5

[Daily Edition] Two new notes ✌️

🚀 Crypto airdrops that are LIVE or starting very soon 🚀

LATOKEN Invite-Only $LA Airdrop

Etheremon Chinese New Year (Special Event)

HubrisOne Airdrop

Synchrotron / Weekly $STC Airdrop #8

IoT Classic Airdrop (ERC20)

🌩Airdrops and bounties that end soon 🏁

Kryptono $KNOW Airdrop

📩 Get all current airdrops as a weekly email every Thu 7AM ET 👍

🌟 🔴 Chinese New Year 2019 🔴 🌟 — Daily Updates until 5 February on AltcoinTrading.NET and #BusinessOfCrypto

  • [Mon Feb 4] UPDATED a trading guide on divergences. Includes a downloadable cheat sheet with thorough explanations.
  • [Fri Jan 31]UPDATED a Strategy article on Scalping crypto. Still relevant in 2019 apparently!
  • [POPULAR] Who’s hiring in February 2019: Updated our overview of interesting startups that are loaded enough to hire for tech & marketingroles in San Fran, Austin, NYC, London and Tokyo. Read here.



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