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Crypto Airdrops Apr 1

Social and other opportunities ✌️

Via ATNET Airdrops.

Trade tokenized shares of Tesla, BioNTech and Paypal on FTX

Open The FTX crypto derivative exchange, quickly gaining recognition and popularity, added tokenized trading of TSLA shares. Loads of other tokenized legacy assets already available.

FTX does not require KYC until your total lifetime withdrawals reach 1000 USD. (The KYC process is easy and mostly automated).

🚀 see the markets

Bridge Network Reddit bounty

31 Mar — 27 Apr 2021

Bridge oracle system a public oracle technology for TRON. They run 4 weeks of reddit bounty with 3400 BRG pool. The bounty rewards you for mentioning the project in crypto-related subreddits. BRG trades on KuCoin and rewards can be received into KuCoin BRG wallets.

🚀 info on telegram

GoldCoin Bounty

Goldcoin is an scrypt coin that trades on a couple of DEX platforms. The team is running a content marketing bounty, paying out tokens for social media or blog content. The current topics and more details are posted in the Telegram channel.

🚀 info on telegram

XXP Bounty (ERC-20)

XXP is an ERC-20 token that runs a social promo bounty. XXP trades at Hotbit for around 1 USD. There is a ~50k USD token pool that gets split across the channels: Twitter, Discord, Youtube, Reddit…You need to confirm your membership on bitcointalk.

🚀 bitcointalk

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ATNET Airdrops & Trading Tools

ATNET Airdrops & Trading Tools

ATNET, aka — Airdrops alerts also on Twitter @airdrop_lounge, Telegram @airdropXlounge