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[Daily Edition] Two new bounties, one soft warning ✌️

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☑️ — — — — — — ONGOING Airdrops

Endpass Testers’ Bounty Campaign

Endpass is a new ERC20 token wallet that is looking for testers.

Everyone who downloads the app and signs up via Bitcointalk and Google form receives 0.1 ETH if they provide constructive feedback, the reward for every reported bug is 0.1 ETH as well.

Additionally, there is a Bitcointalk signature campaign.

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Isibeli / $BEL Airdrop

New crypto for fast payments. Drops 200 BEL to the first 5000 members who complete simple social media tasks.

Soft warning: No paper wallet & There is a dubiously big giveaway on the homepage too, be vigilant with this one, don’t use your main e-mail to sign up.

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PMTC Airdrop

Ends 1 March 2019

A new cryptocurrency written from scratch using PHP, Python and MySQL. Its purpose is a betting system built into blockchain, it currently lives on testnet that needs to be tested.

Therefore after signup you’ll receive some testnet tokens. You will need to use them on the platform in order to climb in the airdrop ranking to later receive the real tokens.

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CoinIMP Airdrop

CoinIMP is a Monero and Webchain CryptoNight JS web miner that claims to be getting around anti-viruses and adblockers.

They are currently in a token sale for a utility token IMP (as for impressions) that should be used for payments via the CPM advertising model.

A total of 25 million IMP tokens will be distributed among users in an airdrop. You get 500 IMP for a set of social actions: You’ll need to sign up, head to the “Buy” section and scroll all the way down.

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Etheremon Chinese New Year Bounty Series

28 January 8AM UTC — 11 February 8AM UTC

The dApp game Etheremon is launching a bounty series for the Chinese New Year 2019.

Starting today Monday 28 January there will be daily in-game questspublished that will earn you Red Envelopes (Hongbao).

You can use the Hongbao to spin a Lucky Wheel and win assets ranging from EMONT ERC-20 airdrops to special edition rare Mons.

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🚀 — — — — — — STARTING SOON Airdrops

Synchrotron / $STC Airdrop #8

30 weeks of airdrops (Airdrop #8 starts 4 February 2019)

Hybrid PoW/PoS payment cryptocurrency. The team drops 72% of supply (18 MM coins) during 30 weeks of airdrop campaign; there is additional budget for bounties. The bounties are announced on discord server. Each airdrop round runs from Monday 10AM UTC to Friday 10PM UTC. Validation runs weekends and distribution Mondays. You need to download a $STC wallet.

✅ drop rules in this thread

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TTC Shining Run Twitter event

Ends February 5th 00:00 GMT+0

TTC Pay is a project of TTC Foundation, a business that has access to 30m users from TTC Alliance member services.

TTC pay is a user-friendly and a dev-friendly way for consumers and merchants to pay with crypto.

To draw attention to the platform, TTC created a simple dApp game “Shining Run” that creates incentives for people to play.

There is now an airdrop for randomly chosen players who post screenshots on Twitter with hashtag #TTCRUN.

✅ how to join

📱 iOS app, ☎️ Android app

Kryptono $KNOW Airdrop

00:01 SGT 5 February — 23:59 SGT 7 February 2019

The Kryptono exchange is promoting their FIATO app this Chinese New Year.

You can get up to 3 Red Envelopes of 300 KNOW tokens each for completing tasks in the app.

The event only runs for two days — if you become a new FIATO user in that time slot you get more tokens.

The app is available on Google Play and Apple App Store as Fiato by Kryptono LLC.

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