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Merry xmas ✌️

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FRANCS / $XFR (ERC20) Airdrop #3

December, 25th 2018, 9:30pm (21:30) UTC+1

Spin on an old scam coin, same idea but different people and actually meaning it (to create a currency for francophone people). The team is giving 81% of the 11 MM tokens to free airdrops, rest will be used for further token listings and bounties. There are currently a couple of airdrop rounds lined up, each capped. The December one starts at 25th Dec and will run via a Google form.

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Galilel / $GALI

New POS/MN project that has currently a translation bounty open for 1000 GALI per piece. Plenty of languages still free. The project aims at fast & private micro transactions — uses SwiftX and Zerocoin protocol.

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