Crypto Airdrops Mon Mar 11

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FanEspo Big Competition (ERC20)

The eSports platform FanEspo is giving away the total of $1.6 million of tokens in contests. Top winner’s prize is over $100K worth. You need to have a FanEspo account, the tokens you get are beta but they will be transferred into real tokens upon launch. Estimated value is 1 USD per token.

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Athero Airdrop

The IoT-Blockchain system Athero still has the airdrop open.

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Bethereum Photo Contest

Started 22 February 2019

Bethereum, the betting platform on ETH, is running a new Twitter campaign. Reply to Bethereum’s monthly tweet with a photo the our gaming platform interface shown in the most interesting place adding #BethereumAnywhere to enter the contest for 25,000 Bether tokens. Two winners are selected every month, at the end of the contest three top photos will be awarded 100,000 Bether each.

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