Crypto Airdrops Mon Oct 22

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Capped airdrop

Project for fee-less transactions with possible applications in gaming. POS/MN coin with no ICO, 25% premine, trades on Drops tokens for listing votes (10 x42, screenshot to post to user x42#2508 on discord) or for commenting on the ANN thread (junior member or up at bitcointalk) or coding work or pop-up social media bounties as announced on their Discord.

✅ bitcointalk

✔️ aiodex vote & screenshot

Huapupay / $HUP (ERC20)

20 Oct — 20 Nov or 20k users

A random crypto project that uses Comic Sans MS. Drops tokens for social media engagement reported via form and bitcointalk. If you make a comment on the ANN thread you’ll get 5000 token bonus.

✅ form

✔️ report

New COSTLY Bounties

PoW + Masternodes optionally private cryptomoney. New bounty is a translation of the COSTLY theme into a bitcointalk into another language ahead of all and get the reward of 30 CST. Twitter follow earns 0.2 CST — to claim via screenshot posted to their #bounties channel on Discord.

✅ submit work bitcointalk

✔️ submit work twitter


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