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Crypto Airdrops Nov 25

Loads of airdrops + Black Friday deals ✌️

  • Ledger NO DEAL, Chip shortage!
  • Trezor -13% if preordered 🤖 here 🤖. Chip shortage, folks!
  • Tradingview -60% as usual, 🔥 here 🔥
  • Shrimpy -30% exclusive 🦐 with shill link 🦐
  • Moonitor -15% with code ALTCOINTRADINGNET here

Comdex airdrops CMDX

The Comdex token $CMDX airdrop is eligible for $LUNA and $OSMO holders & stakers.


ROBBANKS is an experiment in decentralized community driven meme token. To claim airdrop, visit the link, connect with your Metamask and hit GET SUPPLIED. Easy as that and there is no need for fishy surveys.


Velas is a new EVM Chain that competes with ETH2. Extremely efficient performance at a fraction of the cost. The devs launched a dog token on it and are running an airdrop promo. — until 20 Dec

THX launch token bonus

If you participate in the launch crowdfund with 75 USDC or more, you will receive 1000 $THX bonus in Q1 2022. — until 5 Dec

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