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Crypto Airdrops Oct 9

One new giveaway ✌️

Via ATNET Airdrops.

🌶️ Chiliz Twitter Giveaway

Pool of USD 2,500 in $CHZ

Chiliz is promoting the downloads of their new app with a draw of 10 winners by 250 USD in $CHZ tokens. You need to follow a few accounts and post a screenshot of the downloaded app.

🚀 tweet with info

Staking without KYC on WhiteBit


WhiteBit opened 17 different staking plans with 9 different currencies to choose from. 40% APR, available to the users without KYC. (Be mindful of risks)

🚀 sign up

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ATNET Airdrops & Trading Tools

ATNET Airdrops & Trading Tools

ATNET, aka — Airdrops alerts also on Twitter @airdrop_lounge, Telegram @airdropXlounge