Crypto Airdrops Sat Nov 17

One bounty/contest ✌️

Ledger Wallets sell with 20–30% discount until 21 Nov 2018 — won’t get better for #BlackFriday. Also, they’re colorful so that you’ll tell them apart!

ChiliZ Bounty Round 1 / $CHZ (ERC20)

Capped (250k USD)

Project that tokenizes voting rights, is backed by Binance, based in Malta and used in sports, gaming and esports. Probably not completely worthless.

On Fri Nov 16 ChiliZ launched a bounty that is however actually a contest — you have a chance to earn a percentage of the 250k USD in $CHZ according to the number of points you get.

The contest requires some KYC (no ID scan though).

✅ join

✔️ about


  • Blockchain x AI: Here’s a first initiative with a socially aware hackaton upcoming (idea submissions open until mid January 2019)
  • New infographics: Women in crypto — 8 top crypto ladies in 2018 plus two female execs you will remember if you were around in 2016 and before.

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