Crypto Airdrops Thu Apr 18

Long time no see, Medium — airdrop newsletters still go out weekly tho ✌️

Source: Upcoming Airdrops

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Greencoin Airdrop

Until 15 May 2019

Greencoin Team has decided to give away 500 000 GNC worth 150k USD in total.

Simple social media tasks — twitter follow, medium follow etc — each pays 200 GNC each.

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Bethereum Freebet & Prize Pool for Bettors

Until 1 June 2019

Bethereum, the betting platform on ETH, is giving away free bets with the chance to win prizes from a pool worth 12M Bether.

Upon signup you get enough points to make your bets for free, and you can wager on sports and eSports.

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