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[COLLECTIBLES] Monochrome offer at CryptoFlower

Collectibles Opportunity, first 100 users

The collectible flower breeding dApp game CryptoFlower is opening a new option — monochrome flowers.

A large rainbow will be added for the first 100 monochrome color flowers, making the in-game asset more rare.

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FanEspo Beta Survey (ERC20)

The eSports platform FanEspo is giving away 20 tokens to everyone who will comment on their beta app via a Google form.

You need to have a FanEspo account for that and you need to have at least looked at the app.

The tokens you get are beta but they will be transferred into real tokens upon launch, estimated value is 1 USD per token.

FanEspo has a bunch of other bounties and contests worth millions of tokens in total!

✅ survey, make acct

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