Crypto Airdrops Thu Nov 15

One soft warning ✌️

LendBTC / $LBTC (ERC20)

Capped (10k users, 100 LBTC per user)

ERC20 token for hybrid/decentralized crypto lending industry. Drops for website signup, some Twitter shilling and you also need to comment on bitcointalk to confirm your work. Full list of tasks is also in the bitcointalk link.

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✔️ tasks & report

Elisia / $ELSA (ERC20)

Capped (5k users)

A cheap tx project (they say). Drops for Reddit, Twitter, Telegram and FB join. Warning: Promises 1 ETH worth of token to each user distributing after ICO, which seems too much to be true. Don’t use your primary emails and data.

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✔️ web


  • New infographics: Women in crypto — 8 top crypto ladies in 2018 plus two female execs you will remember if you were around in 2016 and before.
  • Report: Blockchain for the entertainment industry. It’s not just decentralized gaming — how can blockchain transform music, sports, talent scouting and related businesses?

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