Crypto Airdrops Thu Oct 18

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MinedBlock Airdrop / $MBTX (ERC20)

Capped (50k users)

Token for crypto mining as a service. The airdrop recently increased from 25,000 to 50,000 people and made 10,000,000 MBTX in the pool. It’s simple social media group joins and optional bounty work.

✅ airdrop

✔️ bounty

PublicWelfareCoin / $PWC (ERC20)

Capped self-drop and bounty, started 11 OctThe Japanese project kicked off with a self-drop. Additionally there is social media bounty reported via Google form. There are some doubts about the project being genuine though.

✅ form

✔️ info

FanEspo Airdrop (ERC20)

Crypto airdrop for signup

A token for a fantasy esports platform. Every signup gets 500 tokens for free to an ETH address. Tokens will not trade until the end of 2018 on an exchange and ICO cap has not been reached yet, but you can already participate in tournaments on the platform.

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