Crypto Airdrops Tue Mar 26

New soft warnings ✌️

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SiQs Bounty

New smart-contract based marketplace for freelancers. Pre-alpha minimum product available, just as litepaper and wallets for Linux and Windows (sadly not paper, so be vigilant). Runs on PoS / MN.

Join discord for airdrops.

✅ discord, wallets

BitcoinLux Bounty

From 28 March 2019

Soft warning: A project that requires you to install their wallet, be vigilant here.

Drops coins for blog or social media shilling.

✅ details, web

Synchrotron / $STC Airdrop #15

30 weeks of airdrops (Airdrop #15 starts 25 March 2019)

Hybrid PoW/PoS payment cryptocurrency. The team drops 72% of supply (18 MM coins) during 30 weeks of airdrop campaign; there is additional budget for bounties. The bounties are announced on discord server. Each airdrop round runs from Monday 10AM UTC to Friday 10PM UTC. Validation runs weekends and distribution Mondays. You need to download a $STC wallet.

✅ drop rules in this thread, info

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