Crypto Airdrops Wed Dec 19

Long break wasn’t it ✌️No warnings today.

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AZUR (Own blockchain)

Cryptonight Lite V7 cryptourrency for fast transactions, 7 second blocks. Has CLI clients and own paperwallet generator that you can safely get offline from github.

The drop wants you to just comment on bitcointalk and follow on twitter.

The reward is 200 Azur for aidrop or from 100 to 10.000 Azur in a bounty. The supply of the coin is huge though.

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New digital token for the VR and augmented reality. Airdrop will be available soon, if you pre-register they’ll send you an email alert.

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ByWise (Own blockchain)


A new scalable payment blockchain in development. No ICO, coins will be distributed for free to those who sign up.

There is a pre-reg open that drops a right to claim 2 WISE later. If they will provide a paper wallet generator, there will be no warning when the drop opens.

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LendBTC / $LBTC (ERC20)

Capped (10k users, 100 LBTC per user)

Token for decentralized crypto lending industry. Drops for website signup, some Twitter shilling and you also need to comment on bitcointalk to confirm your work. Full list of tasks is also in the bitcointalk link.

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