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HubrisOne Airdrop Round + Bounties

Weekly (16 weeks of airdrops, each weekly round starts on Tue)

HubrisOne is a UK financial service that offers personal and business crypto-friendly bank accounts and crypto-fiat cards. The easiest way to get the token is to download their banking app, which gives you 1000 tokens (10 USD) but there is a massive bounty campaign with weekly payouts. The work ranges from social media engagement or Bitcointalk signature to content creation, all must be properly reported. New round starts every Tuesday, but on other days they publish random airdrops on their Twitter.

✅ airdrop, bounty or twitter (more drops)

Synchrotron / $STC Airdrop #12

30 weeks of airdrops (Airdrop #12 started 4 March 2019)

Hybrid PoW/PoS payment cryptocurrency. The team drops 72% of supply (18 MM coins) during 30 weeks of airdrop campaign; there is additional budget for bounties. The bounties are announced on discord server. Each airdrop round runs from Monday 10AM UTC to Friday 10PM UTC. Validation runs weekends and distribution Mondays.

Soft warning: You need to download a $STC wallet.

drop rules in this thread, info

Bethereum Photo Contest

Started 22 February 2019

Bethereum, the betting platform on ETH, is running a new Twitter campaign. Reply to Bethereum’s monthly tweet with a photo the our gaming platform interface shown in the most interesting place adding #BethereumAnywhere to enter the contest for 25,000 Bether tokens. Two winners are selected every month, at the end of the contest three top photos will be awarded 100,000 Bether each.

✅ rules, web

DSTRA / $DST Airdrop #22

Biweekly, drop #22 runs from 25 Feb 2019

DSTRA is PoS Scrypt Masternode coin with limited supply that will be used in DEX environment and marketplaces. There are airdrops every two weeks, users need to register via discord. Regular payouts verified.

✅ discord, rules

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