Crypto-Relevant Companies Hiring in March 2019

Today we are featuring blockchain technology & privacy startups that are hiring in US, UK, APAC, some also with the possibility of remote work. The spotlight is mostly on tech roles, but bloggers and growth hackers will also find their share. All applications go via Angel List, Lever or similar.

As per request, we have added the big shots as well!

The March 2019 hiring list is quite hefty, obviously blockchain tech companies are becoming aggressive (talk about bullish on crypto…). Don’t expect a list of lazy overfunded startup gigs where you’ll go from Seven Eleven clerk to buying a house after 6 month of shit-posting on Twitter.

The New Kids (But Well Funded)

A list of new blockchain tech startups, dApp game developers and any crypto-relevant or privacy-focused startups that could be really interesting to work at, if you are the type who likes to be early to parties.


Focus: Rising SanFran tech company that is focusing on tech privacy all the way from the hardware components’ level.

They are hardcore geeks mostly known in the Linux community, but beingdilligent about sourcing of hardware is really something we should see more in the crypto world.

Looking for: Coders with experience in Linux development — This year, Purism is working on their privacy-focused phone Librem. For some time now they have been looking for people who would help them research the hardware, debug code, run tests and all the rest of the backend stuff. It needs some quite rare tech skills, but you would also learn a lot. The opportunity will probably last through the year, remote work is OK.



Focus: Canadian STO startup that has developed an interface between financial securities and the blockchain.

Polymath’s product focuses on solving the technical and legal challenges related to issuing regulated securities on the blockchain. Strong, no-fluff team of startup veterans.

Looking for: Blockchain engineers, Legal staff, Sales, Marketing — Polymath is growing their main office in Toronto, Canada, and looking to fill roles in two new locations: New Your City and Hong Kong. The company is growing aggressively, there is a lot of openings but they are not entry-level positions.



Focus: Peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto collectibles and rare digital items.

It seems the crypto community is still only waking up to non-fungible tokens, but the businesses are already noticing what ERC-721 can actually do. Don’t be mistaken, this is a good opportunity!

OpenSea is (for now at least) strongly tied to blockchain gaming, the most basic demo of non-fungibles; nevertheless there is good backing, interesting business partnerships and you would enter the market in a not too shabby way.

Looking for: Backend and Frontend DEvelopers. There are still some job openings in New York City at OpenSea. Calls for some experience, but pays 6 figures and shares.


Fuel Games, developer of Gods Unchained

Focus: Fuel is an Australian game development studio that runs the Gods Unchained blockchain game. The dApp has been rising in popularity, and probably will rise in near future. Recently ran a partnership event with the people behind Crypto Kitties.

Fuel are headquartered in Sydney and have raised 2.4 MM USD in funding.

Looking for: A lot of tech roles, some with a twist — Fuel Games are filling up their Sydney office, looking for DevOps and developers (Backend, Frontend, Mobile).

Quite interesting thing is they are also opening a few PR and marketing positions, but they are still looking for someone who is a gamer or at least a geek to fill them. That could be a good opportunity for gaming bloggers and YouTubers.


[Still Hiring] Tutanota

Focus: The most advanced private e-mail service provided by a small German company.

Looking for: Quantum cryptographer. This is an advanced role, the main task will be to make Tutanota quantum-resistant. Great opportunity for those who feel like they might be up to the task!


Focus: Blockchain game development studio residing in Tokyo that recently got over 1.8 MM USD in funding.

Looking for: Tech and non-tech roles — Blockchain Engineer (Solidity), Front End Developer (nuxt.js), Graphic Designer, Game Content Planner (production, game management).

Send CVs to recruit[at]


The Ballers

The crypto companies you know the name of, unless you literally live under a rock.


You know it as: The crypto onramp for regular Americans, platforms split between a managed crypto wallet, a basic exchange and a professional trading interface.

Looking for: Pretty much anybody. Coinbase is filling up their several US offices and also locations in London, Dublin and Tokyo. After big layoffs, they are now looking to fill roles ranging from Business Development through Design and Engineering to Legal and Compliance.



You know it as: The sister project of Bitfinex crypto exchange, running as a trustless exchange dApp on the Ethereum blockchain.

The whole group of Bitfinex-related platforms has been silently stepping up their game all the way through the crypto bear market. Their cryptoasset exchanges now offer really stable interface, quick issue resolution and good charting.

The Bitfinex group business development team got joined by some good fresh faces in the past few months. They have started organizing interesting events for their traders like the Technical Analysis Day in London in April 2019, they send out quite good crypto news roundups and generally are not talking down to their user base the way some other popular trading platforms do.

Looking for: Backend and Frontend Developers, PR, Marketing — Remote positions, calling for some experience.



You know it as: Cryptocurrency focused on remittances, transaction speed and regulatory compliance with growing environment of dApps and platforms on top of it. Since recently including an IOU stablecoin with full reserves in US-domiciled banks.

Looking for: DevOps, Engineering and Marketing roles. There is a bunch of roles opening in San Francisco, one also in the APAC area (Asia-Pacific).


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