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Exchange Promo Wednesday — Jun 29

Bitforex and Phemex (and new airdrops) ✌️

A bunch of new airdrops added today as well:

Bitforex AMA to win MBD

Bitforex runs a Telegram AMA with MBD Financials. Join for the event and ask questions with #UID after AMA starts. 10 best questions will get rewarded 20,000 MBD each.

1 Jul


Phemex NEAR event

Phemex runs a 5-question quiz where if you get all Qs right you get whitelisted for a draw to get reward of 1000 NEAR tokens. Details in the join link.

until 7 Jul


Bitforex Trade To Win

Everyone gets paid. Top 20 net buyers in selected markets will share 6000 USDT in prizes. Every net buyer on (other) selected markets gets rewarded with a share of 5000 USDT. Extra rewards to those who will buy the lowest dip on BTC, ETH and XRP Tether spot markets. Bitforex does not require KYC.

27 Jun — 4 Jul


USDC Interest Account on Phemex

The no-KYC exchange Phemex now offers USDC interest account. The reward is 8.8% APY with 14 day lock. Warnings: Phemex is a custodial exchange, your locked USDC is at risk. There have been some reports about hedge funds trying to destabilize stablecoins, too.


In the blog:

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