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List of Technical How-Tos

From BTC message signing to airdrop security practices, here’s a list of the must-know tech things in crypto.

How to set up automated trading log

This is a guide for active traders and technical analysts who want to improve their skill without wasting time building spreadheets. (But if you love spreadsheets, head to

Cryptocurrency Wallet Backups: Your Options

Non-digital crypto wallet backups are better for longer term. Digital backups for shorter time, such as when you need to get rid of crypto software from your laptop only for a few days.

How to generate P2SH addresses in Bitcoin Electrum wallet

Some dApps and non-custodial exchanges will only let you withdraw Bitcoin to P2SH addresses. If you’re using the bech32 format, good news is you can generate a separate P2SH wallet from the same seedphrase.

How to safely move Litecoin between SegWit P2SH (3) addresses and legacy (L) addresses

Some exchanges don’t support LTC withdrawals to P2SH wallets and other don’t support legacy addresses. Here’s how to convert between them.

Bitcoin Signature: How to sign and verify a message in your bitcoin wallet

Signing a message with a BTC address is a common way to verify ownership of that address. Ledger wallet does not support it, but Electrum and Bitcoin Core do.

GPG Signature: Verify that your crypto wallet update is genuine

Electrum, Exodus and most other “serious” software ships with GPG signature. It’s a way you can verify you are not installing a rogue update that will steal your crypto.

Virtual Machine for Crypto Wallets To Improve Security : Should You Bother?

Some came up with the idea to install wallets of new altcoins on a Virtual Box to keep your main machine safe. Is that wise?

Electrum: Sweeping private keys and Sweeping Addresses

Tiered Crypto Hot/Warm/Cold Storage: How to do it right

How to safely generate IOTA seed and migrate from Light Wallet to Trinity

Ledger Phishing Attacks: 3 Easy Tips To Protect Your Crypto Stash




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