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Monday Airdrops — Aug 8

Chill App, Atmos, EDNS ✌️

Two new exchange promos are also up.

💰All new stuff also on Twitter.

💰Daily alert with ending-soon airdrops on Telegram.

💰List of everything that ends each day at

Chill App Airdrop

First come first earns airdrop on Sweepwidget. Short task list. Pool is $100,000 worth of of $SDD tokens but rewards get lower and lower the later you take part.

until 20 Aug


Atmos Protocol Airdrop

Longish Gleam form for only 50 winners, each will get 200 $ATM tokens.

until 17 Aug


EDNS x Bitkeep Airdrop

A Gleam form that rewards 2000 NFT domains on Ethereum. You need to install the Bitkeep wallet.

until 9 Aug


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ATNET Airdrops & Trading Tools

ATNET Airdrops & Trading Tools

ATNET, aka — Airdrops alerts also on Twitter @airdrop_lounge, Telegram @airdropXlounge