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One extra airdrop!

Phemex gives away tokens for almost nothing ✌️

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First 3 bounties of the airdrop & bounty list ▶️

Phemex Terra Era Airdrop (100k USD pool) — until 4 Apr

Phemex splits a 100k USD pool uniformly between all traders who will trade volume of 50 USD or more in newly launched UST, MIR, and ANC…And who fill in a Google form to qualify. All details in the join link.

Phemex has launched a bunch of new markets yesterday, and to promote them they run this event for just a few days (event ends 4th April).


In the blog:

What is grid trading? Where to run a grid bot to trade crypto?

Staking platforms: Where to stake in pools or independently in 2022 (Heavy on ETH2)

Best NFT wallets (and how to choose) 03/23/22 · nft trading #nft #crypto-trading-strategy



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ATNET Airdrops & Trading Tools

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