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One extra airdrop — YoBit

YoBit gives a BEP20 signup bonus ✌️

Yobit FUSD Airdrop and Bounty (BSC) — until 10 Jun

YoBit exchange has been among the wildest hotspots for alt coin trading for quite a few alt seasons by now. This is a promo campaign to spread the news about the launch of the $FUSD market on YoBit.

Total reward per person is between 300 and 4700 tokens ($7 — $100).

  • The $FUSD (FastUSD) airdrop pays out an airdrop to every new users of YoBit just for signing up

✅ Sign up to YoBit without KYC (300 FUSD)

  • If you want to collect more tokens, you may continue earning FUSD until the market launch on June 10th in a bounty campaign.

Bounty tasks (optional)

🔥 Deposit crypto to the exchange using “Wallets” section. (700 FUSD)

🔥 Make at least 1 swap on YoBit DeFi pools (900 FUSD)

🔥 Start yield farming on YoBit YoFarm platform (1100 FUSD)

🔥 Make tweets, Facebook posts, shoot YouTube and TikTok videos about YoBit Airdrop. Shilling pays up to 3800 FUSD every day.

YoBit is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Dubai that was founded in 2014, which makes it is one of the oldest. YoBit has more than 450 coins and 3900+ trading pairs available. Users are not required to provide KYC information or undergo ID verification procedures on the platform. YoBIT allows users to trade completely anonymously with no restrictions or limits.

FastDollars (FUSD) global airdrop and bounty pays out daily rewards of up to 4700 FUSD, which is about 100 USD worth. The bounty work requires simple social media tasks. There’s a high paying referral program, you get 30% of referrals earnings.

The total pool for this whole FUSD promo is about $10–50M.

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