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One extra promo — May 6

SimpleSwap no-KYC BNB with 300 SWP bonus ✌️

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SimpleSwap Transaction Bonus (300 SWP)

SimpleSwap is a no-KYC swap and exchange where among others you can buy BNB for BTC without KYC.

The exchange rates at SimpleSwap are only 1% over the market prices at FTX!

You can trade any amount from about 35 USD worth up to about 35000 USD worth in a single transaction.

Now the promo — Use the coupon SsITvSMQ0Cru0ERU in your first transaction to get a bonus of 300 SWP tokens for that trade.

How to get the SimpleSwap token bonus:

  1. Sign up at SimpleSwap — email is enough, KYC is not mandatory.
  2. Select the pair to trade right on the homepage. Here we go with BTC to BNB:

3. Click “Exchange”

4. In the next step, copypaste your wallet address (do not use an exchange address — use Metamask, Exodus, Trustwallet or so).

5. Once your address is in, scroll further down until you see a box for a coupon code:

6. Enter the coupon code SsITvSMQ0Cru0ERU and click apply.

7. Click “Create an exchange”.

That’s it!

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