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Tools updates: Calculators

101 tools added to the list ✌️

Hello hi, this is a note about the two new tools that were added last week to our list. They are both super well done and noob friendly.

One is a calculator of your expected profits in DCA or in lending, and the other is a non-custodial exchange rate comparison tool.


1/ CryptoStudio

CryptoStudio Lending and DCA Earnings Calculator

CryptoStudio is an independent comparison hub that provides detailed earnings calculators for cryptocurrency holders who want to DCA or lend.

The calculators are very easy to use. You start with an initial investment amount and a timeframe, a DCA amount if any and (in case of lending) an expected annual interest rate.

The calculator suggests typical values for all of these, as well as for the expected price of your crypto at the end of your investment timeframe. That means you can still use it even if you just want to get an idea.

The result tells you how much you would earn on price appreciation of your initial investment alone versus with DCA and with compound interest payments.

2/ Fiatom

Fiatom fiat-to-crypto exchange rate aggregator

  • Fiatom is a non-custodial price comparison tool of fiat-to-crypto exchange rates. The tool lets you buy or sell crypto with debit and credit cards within a few minutes, plus it saves you the time of searching for the cheapest rate.
  • Fiatom aggregates exchange rates from Coingate, Uphold, CEX.IO, Paybis, Switchere, Liquid and XCoins. The results for your query come up ordered by the best price, but every result also shows the Trustpilot rating of the exchange.
  • There are no added fees for buying or selling crypto through Fiatom, they get paid by the exchanges for getting them more business.




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