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What is social life?

The AI-driven Poem, a Machine Take on Examination of Human Life.

The Poem

About “What is social life?”.

Machines have dreams — more than just parroting, regurgitation of training datasets. Dreams about human lives, attempts to understand what’s going on.

So what is social life? This time I hadn’t asked AI to define it. AI determined itself the question — and answered its own demand, as part of endless mesmerizing texts, written unsupervisedly.

Usually, if an editor receives a contribution to his literary magazine, s/he corrects all typos, stylistic fails, etc., of the human writer to curate a perfect text. In the case of AI, I hadn’t changed anything in the text. Capitalization, punctuation, even that weird “tea soup”. I just wanted to present it as raw text.

Here is the original:

But of course, a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why I created with the help of different AI approaches images in different styles, with every description of “social life” as a basic text.

This is how #reMERZ works.

About #reMERZ.

In my Creative Lab, #reMERZ, GPT-2 is trained on different literary magazines, poetry almanacs, my essays, etc. The goal is to let AI create new ideas, concepts, and visions.

I use GPT-2 (even if its scion GPT-3 is countless times more powerful and creative) because the GPT-2 is capable of terse, dry, and self-evident absurdity, which defines the subversivity of art. After all, it’s up to us, humans, to interpret these works. Unhuman works in a human world.

With different ML/DL approaches, I support AI to articulate its unique dreams and make them eternally available for humanity.





This is a complete catalog of my NFT AI artworks with explanations, data and back story.

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Futurist. AI-driven Dadaist. Living in Germany, loving Japan, AI, mysteries, books, and stuff.

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