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Minting schedule — Week 30: Behold the GEN1 Neon Roadster

On July 29th, we’ll launch the GEN1 Neon Roadster Drop, including 150 NFT cars distributed in three batches. Here’s everything you need to know about the drop!

Hey there, collectors! We have some exciting news for y’all!

On July 29th at 11.30 AM EST / 5.30 PM CET / 11:30 PM HKT we will launch the CryptoMotors GEN1 Neon Roadster drop. It will include 150 Neon Roadster Production Series cars featuring five original colors and distributed in three batches.

The first batch, launching on Thursday 29th, will bring 25 NFT cars that users will be able to acquire through the CryptoMotors OpenSea store via direct purchase, with no bidding involved.

In this article, you’ll find all you need to know about the new Neon Roadster drop, including:

  • Car price
  • Colors
  • Stats
  • Hidden, ultra-rare Neon Roadster
  • Integration with blockchain games and virtual worlds

To fuel up this drop, we partnered with Animoca Brands, The Sandbox Game, and the Whale Community. More info about these partnerships, down below 🔻

GEN1 Neon Roadster Drop — Starting on July 29th

The GEN1 Neon Roadster production series cars drop will come in three separate batches. It will include five unique colors and will be available for purchase in three different currencies.

Drop General Info

  • Drop launch date: July 29th, 11.30 AM EST / 5.30 PM CET / 11.30 PM HKT
  • Total Production Series cars to be minted: 150, distributed in 3 batches
  • Colors: Steam Purple, Mr. Zigzag, Sting Red, Silver Daga, Green Hazard
  • Accepted currencies: ETH, REVV, and WHALE
  • Price: 1.1 ETH. (The price in REVV and WHALE will be defined based on the equivalent to 1.1 ETH on Launch day)

Batches info

#1 Batch: July 29th at 11.30 AM EST / 5.30 PM CET / 11.30 PM HKT

  • Available Units: 25
  • Cars purchasable with ETH: 12
  • Cars purchasable with REVV: 10
  • Cars purchasable with WHALE: 3
  • Available colors: Five colors
  • Hidden unit*: 1 Neon Roadster Pink Beast

#2 Batch: July 30th at 11.30 AM EST / 5.30 PM CET / 11.30 PM HKT

  • Available Units: 48
  • Cars purchasable with ETH: 10
  • Cars purchasable with REVV: 33
  • Cars purchasable with WHALE: 5
  • Available Colors: Four colors. One of the original five colors will be randomly chosen and excluded from this batch
  • Hidden unit*: 1 Neon Roadster Pink Beast

#3 Batch: July 31st at 11.30 AM EST / 5.30 PM CET / 11.30 PM HKT

  • Available Units: 77**
  • Cars purchasable with ETH: 15
  • Cars purchasable with REVV: 58
  • Cars purchasable with WHALE: 2
  • Available Colors: Three colors. One of the previous four colors will be randomly chosen and excluded from this batch
  • Hidden unit*: 1 Neon Roadster Pink Beast

*The hidden units will be unlocked and revealed when each batch is sold out.

** Two units from this batch will be reserved as rewards for the original car designer and modeler.

Important: Remember that, back in March, the first batch of GEN1 Abyssus sold out a few minutes after release. So you’ll have to be super quick if you want to secure one

GEN1 Neon Roadster — Car Description & Stats

The Virtual Racer Neon Roadster is an absolute beast in street racing. Its explosive acceleration and high velocity make this car the perfect choice for speed addicts.

The GEN1 Virtual Racer Neon Roadster is the second CryptoMotors NFT car ever created in a Design Challenge. The concept design was made by automotive designer Chaitanya Rajwade and then developed and 3D-modeled by the CryptoMotors team.

The Neon Roadster is one of two cars from the Virtual Racer family. This segment stands out for its incredible speed and acceleration and its high overall street and drag racing performance.

The Neon Roadster’s stats will be randomly generated when each NFT is minted and unlocked once the car is purchased. The stats will fall within these possible ranges:

Huge shoutout to OpenSea for supporting us in this Drop! 🤘

About the GEN1 Neon Roadster colors

Available colors (from left to right)

  • 🔵 Mr. Zigzag
  • 🔴 Sting Red
  • ⚪️ Silver Daga
  • 🟣 Steam Purple
  • 🟢 Green Hazard

The launch day batch will include 25 NFT Neon Roadster cars, five units per color. The second batch will include 48 units but only four colors.

One of the original colors will be randomly removed from the second batch. That model won’t get minted again, making it a super-rare asset.

Following this same logic, the third batch will bring 75 Neon Roadster units and only three colors. Another model will be randomly removed from the last batch, making it a rare asset.

How to unlock the hidden, ultra-rare Neon Roadster Pink Beast

We decided to reward early collectors with a UNIQUE opportunity to celebrate the launch of the CryptoMotors GEN1 Neon Roadster Production Series cars.

The Neon Roadster drop will include three hidden, ultra-rare Virtual Racer Neon Roadster models featuring a unique design, color, and traits. (one car per batch)

These special Neon Roadster Pink Beast cars will also have powerful stats and perform better in the STAT game and other racing games compared to the standard version.

This ultra-rare asset will be randomly placed among the NFT cars of each batch. Collectors who purchase one of the Neon Roadsters will have the chance of unknowingly picking the special model.

But there’s a trick to it.

Each hidden car will get unlocked if its batch is sold out within the first 24 hours from its launch (July 29th, July 30th, and July 31st).

If the entire batch isn’t sold out during that time frame, the special car won’t get unlocked.

Of course, users who buy more than one Neon Roadster car will increase their chances of getting the ultra-rare NFT model.

Want to get your hands on this unique asset? Be ready to smash the buy button on July 29th!

We’re teaming up with Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, and Whale Community

For this drop, we’re also celebrating exciting partnerships with three of the biggest players in the NFT industry

Thanks to these partnerships, collectors will be able to acquire the new Neon Roadster production series cars using ETH, REVV, and WHALE tokens.

More importantly, thanks to our vehicles’ high interoperability, collectors will be able to drive the new Neon Roadster NFT cars in the upcoming REVV Racing game by Animoca Brands and the CryptoMotors 3D Racing Game when it launches later this year.

Exclusive in-game shots of the CryptoMotors 3D Racing Game. We are currently working on the pre-alpha build.

But that’s not all. Players will also be able to also enjoy the new Neon Roadster car in The Sandbox Game virtual world. Currently, CryptoMotors cars in The Sandbox are only for display, but users will be able to drive them around the city in future iterations.

Exclusive shots of the Neon Roadster voxelized model in The Sandbox Game.

Collectors will also be able to import the Neon Roadster and all the other CryptoMotors vehicles into Decentraland and Cryptovoxels, thanks to NFTs interoperability.

About Animoca Brands & REVV token

Animoca Brands is one of the Blockchain gaming industry leaders and creators of popular games like F1® Delta Time, The Sandbox, the Crazy Kings series, MotoGP™ Ignition, and a game based on Formula E.

Animoca Brands is also the creator of REVV, an ERC-20 utility token that acts as the main currency for several motorsport games and dapps.

About The Sandbox Game

The Sandbox Game is a user-generated gaming platform where users can create digital assets and gaming experiences and monetize them using the Ethereum blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens.

The Sandbox game franchise is one of the world’s largest independent user-generated content and gaming platforms, with 40 million downloads and over one million monthly active users.

About Whale Community

The Whale Community is one of the largest communities in the NFT industry, with over 2,000 active creators, investors, and innovators working to make NFT collecting the new standard among digital natives.

Why you should buy a Neon Roadster now

The Neon Roadster drop will include only 150 Production Series NFT cars. That’s the total number of Series cars we will ever mint of this model.

In the near future, we will additionally mint 24 special edition Neon Roadster cars in collaboration with other blockchain games and virtual worlds (soon to be announced).

Once all Neon Roadster units are sold out, this model won’t be purchasable through the CryptoMotors marketplace anymore.

When this occurs, users will only be able to acquire Neon Roadster cars from other collectors, and it’ll be the owners of those NFT who decide the price of the assets.

If you want to learn more about how we define the prices and quantities of our crypto-collectible cars, check out this article:

Support CryptoMotors!

Every time you buy a CryptoMotors NFT car, you’re not only getting a luxury, crypto-collectible asset. You’re also acquiring a digital object with unlimited uses and applications across the Metaverse and a valuable piece of art that will gain value over time.

By buying a car from the CryptoMotors marketplace, you’re also supporting the CryptoMotors team and helping us continue creating high-quality digital vehicles.

We greatly thank you for that!

If you have any questions regarding the new GEN1 cars or how to use your own NFT vehicles in our STAT tournament, join the CryptoMotors Discord server 👇




Collect, race, customize and participate in the design of 3D digital cars with CryptoMotors, the world’s first Digital Automaker, powered by the Ethereum blockchain:

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