Design Challenge: the final voting stage is on!

The participants have submitted their car renderings for the 2nd stage of the Design Challenge. Now it’s your turn to vote the definitive winner!

SportCoupe GEN0 and VR Avatar waiting for the GEN1 race car.

The second stage of our #CryptoMotorsChallenge has been completed, and the participants have submitted the PSD render versions of their race cars. A tiny spoiler before you see them: THEY ARE AWESOME.

More than 1100 persons have voted in the first stage of the competition, and we’re blown with the results so far. Now it’s your turn to vote the definitive winner. You can choose up to three different designs.

The winner will be announced on January 28!

How to vote:

Go to:

Click -or tap if you are on mobile- on the ❤️ icon located on the bottom of the cards. You’ll be able to change your decision until January 27.

We want to thank all the designers that took part on this wonderful journey to create the next GEN1 race car. Their hard work and dedication has been amazing.

We also want to thank all the design community for their support to the challenge. Their contribution has been incredibly valuable 🙌

A quick reminder of the prizes! 🏆

The winning design will be 3D modeled in Autodesk Alias by the CryptoMotors design team, and later on visualized, tokenized and put on sale in our platform. The winner of the challenge will receive a 10% commission of each sale and will have the opportunity to work side by side with our team along the entire process.

All the participants that ended in the top six positions (including the winner) will receive one CryptoMotors ERC-721 collectible car, created based on the winning design.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and vote! Show your love to the designers! ❤️🏎️

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Thank you for designing with us!
CryptoMotors team.