We have a winner!

Our Design Challenge has just finished, and the community has chosen a winner!

Joonyoung Koo: Design entry rear view

The #CryptoMotorsChallenge is over, and we have a winner! It was a tight race, no doubt. More than 3500 persons have voted, and we are blown up by the results!

We want to thank all the designers who participated in the first CryptoMotors Design Challenge and shared with us their amazing work. We are really impressed by their creativity and dedication. So, kudos to them!

We also want to thank the community that took their time to analyze and vote the entries. They were the ones who had the last word. And they have spoken 🙌

1st: joonyoung_koo (1668 votes)⁣
2nd: defydesign (1586 votes)⁣
3rd: _max_troy_ (1014 votes)⁣
4th: pato_szendiuch (824 votes)⁣
5th: autozeichner_design (623 votes)⁣
6th: seongho_narum (451 votes)⁣

Congratulations joonyoung_koo ⁣for winning the competition!

Joonyoung Koo: Design entry side view

You can check out the rest of the designs right here: https://design-challenge.cryptomotors.io/

But the fun isn’t over yet! The best part has just begun 😉

The winning design will be transformed into a 3D model by our professional team. For the next weeks, we will be posting the progress of the project in our Instagram account. Be sure to check it out! 👇