It’s the FORKING Bitcoin Index

Dearest Bitcoin Cash,

Your birth has brought much joy to the world! In the beginning, we worried you might not make it. Many people wanted you to enter this world stillborn. But against trying odds, you are now the third most valuable blockchain in the world, behind your mother and Ethereum. The market wants you, the market needs you, and you showed us your strength and perseverance.

Strange things happened before you were born. Many thought you would be DOA; and worst, take you away from your rightful guardians even if you ever lived. They wanted to take your away from your mother — throw you in the gutter. Many now are reversing this decision. We never understood why FORKING was so bad anyways. At the end of the day, you created $6 billion dollars of value from nothing, out of nothing.

We have always been here for you. We ensured all our customers’ BCC babies were safe and secure — they got their forking cryptocurrency without any action. To celebrate your life, we created an index just for you (please see a video on what an index is). The forking Bitcoin Index consists of 1 BTC and 1 BCC; we call it Cryptomover Bitcoin (CMB) Index.

We, as your guardians will always reflect on your growing value as you fork more. We have never been more pro-Chain-creation. People have rights, tokens have rights. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not takeith. We will feel your pain when you sell off, we will feel your joy when you rally.

We want to thank Yang Haipo and the entire ViaBTC team for standing up to your forking rights. On 22 July, the statement of releasing BCC mining pool and trading pairs has brought us a brave new world. It gave value to BCC and encouraged supporters to take action. This drew a line to the long debate.

Forks, like births are never easy, and as any obstetrician will tell you, there are multiple ways to ensure the safe delivery of a child. What your supporters did was heroic, courageous, daring, and well executed. Even so, Yang Haipo was still being immensely humble, stressing that they are “neutral” on this issue while the destiny of our dearest baby will be decided by the forking community.

Live long and prosper, BCC. One day, you might even be worth more than your parents when the compromised SegWit2x fails to deliver the block size upgrades. We can’t wait until you reach 21m. We love you. Satoshi would be proud.

— the Cryptomover Team

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