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Cryptonom X War Of Ants Collaboration — 5/6/21

Hey there!

Last week we posted up an article that laid the foundation and backstory for how collaborations / partnerships would work within Cryptonom; weaving lore into the actual story and creating interesting plot elements that tie the universe itself together. Today we are proud to announce our collaboration with a game called War Of Ants!

What is War Of Ants?

War of Ants is a real-time PVP strategy mobile game where you compete with players around the world. Collect crypto-backed units and rare artifacts, and wage war against other ant colonies.

Check out a trailer for the game below and download the game now on an Android device! 😁

What is Cryptonom?

Cryptonom is a free-to-play, exploration-focused, turn-based RPG featuring unique creatures, called NOMs, that can be captured, leveled-up, and traded (on the Ethereum Blockchain) — all powered by the Enjin platform.

Gather your desired party and venture through 6 varied Zones populated with quests, NOMs, unique landmarks, and characters to discover! Witness the growth in strength of your NOMs as they level-up on a visualized progression board. Utilize an array of tools designed to give you an edge in battle like potions, craft-able consumables, Relics, and powerful Summons.

Choose which Path(s) fit your gameplay style best and reap Path-based rewards as you increase ranking through a non-linear character progression system.

Delve into a story of conflict and struggle as you learn about the past and present of the NOMverse in order to decide the future of its inhabitants.

You can try out our v2 public demo and let us know what you think! Need more details? Check out the Medium article detailing the newly launched version of our demo!

*Currently desktops / laptops with Firefox / Chrome browsers are recommended for best performance.

How does the collab work?

Introducing Teslant, an electric-based NOM that exists in both the Cryptonom & War Of Ants worlds! Check out the Cryptonom NFT below and watch the teaser trailer for what Teslant will look like in War Of Ants! 👀

War of Ants is a #PoweredByEnjin blockchain game, so with this collab the Cryptonom 1st Edition / Unlimited versions of Teslant will function as a NOM within Cryptonom and a playable unit within War Of Ants! That’s Multiverse action at its best and what we have always tried to facilitate within Cryptonom! 😏

The Discovery of Teslant

Here’s a bit of (lore) backstory on how Teslant made it to the world of Cryptonom:

Distant crags line the horizon of the desert’s arid expanse.

Low vibrational humming of power lines fills the empty night air, a droning tune set in motion by an unknown populace long since departed.

A farmhouse laboratory faces no contest for the attention of the moon’s evening spotlight.

Within the walls of the abandoned structure — a cracked formicarium stages the nightly march of the facility’s only inhabitants…

…a colonization of ants.

On this night in particular, an abnormal event is taking place.

Emerging from the security of the hive, the red Queen journeys feverishly towards one of the electrical pylons resonating outside of the forlorn barn.

Subjected to months of electrostatic activity, the leader of the colony emanates a pulsating yellow glow, an unnatural mutation having taken place within her prestigious frame.

Scrambling in a fixated frenzy towards the source of the ever-present buzzing, the Queen, magnetized by an insatiable compulsion, makes contact with the energized tower.

With a flash, the Queen is struck violently by an arcing discharge from the construct.

A billowing cloud of smoke dissipates.

The queen has vanished.

Sandy dunes rolled lazily towards the horizon’s cloudless cerulean skies, glittering under the draining radiance of an intense afternoon sun.

Yet another uneventful day in an uncharted wasteland.

A gentle wind ruffled the canvas of a tent which bore the insignia of the Overseers — an outpost which had been established weeks ago through the use of Jump Gate technology.

Inside the humble shelter, a pair of researchers absent mindedly tinkered with a set of scanning equipment — devices which had been silent for days.

Out of seemingly nowhere, there was a flash of lightning, followed by the rumble of thunder.

In the distance, a small shack littered with various technological doodads and discarded gizmos was struck by an otherworldly bolt originating from somewhere in the vast Multiverse.

Inside the building, there now lay the smoldering remains of an ant Queen — convulsing with a strange energy as her insectoid form swelled, appearing to be on the verge of bursting…

…she had not come alone.

With an uncompromising primal instinct, the red Queen’s dying breath enabled her body to unleash a gushing flow of slime-ridden eggs that coated every surface of the shoddy interior.

With an alien-like acceleration, several of the eggs hatched within minutes.

A flood of vitalized young ants soon surged into the blistering drifts outdoors.

“Hey Sarge, did you hear that?”

“Lester, for the last time, we’re researchers, not army personnel. Although I did hear that. It wasn’t supposed to rain today. In fact…”

The slender researcher stood up, moving towards the tent’s entrance to look outside.

“It’s the clearest day I’ve seen in months out here. What in the world was that?”

Suddenly, a series of beeps rang out from the scanning equipment.

“Uh, Sarge… I mean, Dale, tracker thingy’s acting up.”

“I have ears numb-nuts, where’s the signal coming from?”

“Multiple energy readings. Just 50 meters out due North.”

The confused pair stepped outside the tent, surveying the landscape.

There was nothing to be seen.

The beeping intensified.

Dale was perplexed.

“What the heck… what’s it reading now?”

“25 meters…”

“That can’t be accurate, there’s nothing out here but empty air!”

A few short, tense minutes passed as the singular, repetitive tones of the tracking device gradually increased in tempo.

“10 meters… 5 meters… 0 meters?!”

“That’s impossible, that’s inside the tent!”

Despite the device’s beeps resonating so quickly that they seemed to blur into a singular, solid tone, the tent was empty.

“I don’t get it — if all that thing is gonna do is make noise, then turn the darn thing off already!”

Lester switched off the device.

A resounding silence followed — though not for long, as Lester’s voice soon filled it.

“So, uh… what was that all about?”

An agitated and slightly shaken Dale replied, “how am I supposed to know, stupid thing must be broken. Oughta radio HQ and tell them our equipment’s busted. Can’t imagine how much time we’ve wasted sitting out here trying to pick up readings with a faulty scanner.”

The previous tension faded gradually as the two returned to their duties.

Neither of them had noticed the small series of invaders that had entered the tent — attracted by an odd experimental substance present in a pack of supplies laying on the ground.

Drinking deeply from a slightly unscrewed vial labelled “Hooper”, the red ants, after consuming their fill of the mysterious and sickly sweet substance, began reacting in a truly bizarre way.

It wasn’t noticeable at first.

In fact, a few hours passed as most of the brood wandered away from the tent.

But then it happened.

A device within the tent used for tracking NOMinal energy began blaring loudly.

“What is it this time?!”

“I don’t know… seems like, wait a second, these are unidentified NOMinal readings!”

This time, they were visible.

Directly outside the tent, standing on its hind legs in an almost humanoid manner, appeared the form of what seemed to resemble an ant many times the size of a regular insect…

…though this was like no ant either of the researchers had ever seen before.

With a carapace that reflected a metallic sheen from the sun’s rays, and what looked to be an incandescent bulb taking the place of its abdomen, the uncanny creature wiggled a pair of mechanical antenna — sparks of electricity leaping between the artificial rods.

A set of insect eyes, black and devoid of emotion, glared at the tent’s occupants.

“Well don’t just sit there ya dingus, do something — quick!”

At Dale’s instruction, Lester hoisted the set of scanning equipment in its entirety into the air, ripping the gadget’s wiring from the generator it was connected to.

The device, still powered from an auxiliary power source, was soon seen hurtling through the air as a makeshift projectile, an unsophisticated blur of beeping components and wiring.

The startled robotic creature jutted forth a multitude of slender arms — bracing for the impact of an inbound mass several times larger than itself.

To the shock of the researchers, the ant withstood the force of the scanning set with ease. As it did so, it drove its impactful mandibles into the still wailing machine.

The creature appeared to begin extracting the equipment’s energy — the volume and tempo of the beeping gradually subsiding with the warped sound of an eerie power drainage.

In a matter of seconds, a mass of flickering particles seemed to indicate the ant had become overloaded as it collapsed to the ground in a quivering heap of malfunctioning limbs.

Frantically, Dale grabbed yet another device from inside the tent — activating it as it unfolded into a medium-scale containment jar.

With a resolute yet comedic battle cry, the lanky scientist rushed towards the incapacitated ant, kicking the scanning equipment away, and capturing the creature within the jar.

Fortunately, the containment device appeared insulated enough to absorb the energies of the still electrified specimen.

After an exasperated sigh, Dale collected his thoughts.

“Whooooiiee… got ‘em! Creative approach using that expensive equipment as a deterrent, Lester… that’ll either be the smartest or dumbest thing you’ve done all week, depending on how the boss reacts. Better radio in our find. Tell the Overseers, we have another.”

The discovery of a new NOM, Teslant, had just been made.

In the far distance of this alien world, the new Teslant brood soon began colonizing — an effort which would see them engage in combat with many of the world’s native inhabitants.

Consequently — a War of Ants had begun.

How can we get a Teslant NFT?

We wanted to release the initial details of this Multiverse collaboration first but we’ll have more details on this #soon 😃

We Appreciate you guys!

Stay tuned for more info and news on everything Cryptonom-related via our social channels!

For feedback, comments, and questions, feel free to drop us a line at!

Thanks for reading!

— Will M.

[The Cryptonom squad consists of: Will M, Tim S, Ramon V, James M and Bill M. Special recognition to: Danil, Archon, Kyle, Jen M, Jacob F, and Russell F. Artist: Morgan G.]



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