CPay Talks: Q&A with Art Director, Misha Savranski

What’s the main purpose, the main mission, of effective design in your opinion?

Obviously, making our life easier. Still to this day we hold onto our basic primal instincts ranging from eating and drinking to our more carnal needs. design as a common knowledge is here to make these things better.

How and why did you decide to become a designer?

I came from school one day and realised that I got tired of playing Counterstrike so I decided to install 3dsmax. I can barely remember the next 12 years that followed.

What does a person need to succeed in this sphere?

I believe you got to love what you do. With that ability, you can reach success in any field. No matter what you do, from plumbing to politics, you will be the best, if you are a fanatic of it. So I would never suggest anyone to waste his or her life on something they don’t like or that feels “I-am-ok-with-that.”

Are there any differences between designing for a cryptocurrency company, and your past work?

Actually, a lot! I’ve been working mostly for BTL (a.i. Below The Line is an advertising strategy in which a product is promoted using direct to consumer mediums other than radio, television, billboards, print, and film) advertising agencies, so it’s a new experience for sure. But this is what makes it interesting for me — it’s always something new and unknown. The whole industry evolves and changes rapidly, bringing new techniques and tactics to design. And I’m really glad I’ve had such an opportunity.

How do you balance your creative vision and functionality as far as design goes? Which is more important in your mind?

Tough one! I think there’s no such thing as “creative vision” in what we call a “financial product.” A creative approach, in this case, is just something bouncing between goals in numbers and the comfort of a user. But since we are entering a whole new age of cryptos — you can just go on and experiment as long as you have time for that.

How was the initial design for Cryptopay created? What has influenced its changes and its evolution?

Time constraints were the biggest factor on the initial design of Cryptopay, or at least as I recall it. Nothing fancy, but mostly functional. We’ve successfully launched most of the crucial services of Cryptopay within the first year of development. And now we’ve got time to achieve a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Is blue your favorite color?

One of them for sure. Every color is great in context. And every nation has a different set of basic colors (google it). I think blue just fits an international finance company, don’t you?

Tell us about the Cryptopay design team? What do you seek in people applying for a job and working with you?

There is a really deep and complex answer to that. I could write a decent sized essay on that, really. In short, every good designer could work with the same passion and interest in any field of human business. It doesn’t really matter if it is a cryptocurrency or, for example, account audits of a chemical factory somewhere deep down in the country. If you’re good — there will be a glimpse in your eyes for any goal you facing. I’m just looking for that glimpse.

In the end a usual suggestion-section. Can you give any tips on how to fight procrastination?

Sorry, gotta go! I still have tons of stuff to do: sharpen my pencils, charge my phone, rearrange things on my work-desk, stare out the window, also — a new single by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, I for sure gotta check that out :)